Lindsay is a great gal and has a way with words and music!  She led a seminar at our junior high girls youth retreat and did a marvelous job.  She chatted with the girls in a way that kept their attention and then touched their hearts in a unique way with her music.  What an awesome ministry!

Lindsay Graham is a vessel that shines brightly with the love and redemption of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She uses her amazing gifts and shares with her audience how awesome God is. We have always been blessed by her praise and worship and her desire to allow God to use her to touch other lives.

I am a leader at Celebrate Recovery Ministry.  In early June Lindsay came to our ministry to lead us in worship and give her testimony.  Her songs that she writes and sings are from real life experiences.  The people at the ministry that night really related to her songs.  It is like she is preaching a sermon but with music.  She then gave her testimony which again resonated with the group because of her honesty and transparency.  We then break into gender groups for discussion. Her worship and testimony sparked good conversation and sharing.  She is a blessing to this ministry.  Thanks Lindsay.

Just finished listening to the Break Free CD by Lindsay Graham. My favorites are "Beautiful" and "Your Love Is Enough". Wow!!

Lindsay Graham has a heart to bless both God and His people. We're so excited to have her partnering with our R&R Retreats this year. Lindsay has a clear voice and a clean heart and has positioned herself to come alongside others in ways that lead to LIFE!

Lindsay - your music touches me every month... and this month was no exception. Thank you so much for your willingness to start off the retreat with a song - I think it went so well and started us off on the perfect note!!! I know so many are thankful for your leading each month. What a blessing!

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