Break Free

by Lindsay Graham

Released 2014
Released 2014
Contemporary Christian
Lindsay Graham is a singer/songwriter from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After going through many life changing experiences, Lindsay re-committed her life to God and began to focus on living her life for His glory. In the summer of 2013 Lindsay started working on her debut album "Break Free". At that time she had only written two songs and by the time of the album's completion in May of 2014 she had a repertoire of 15 original songs.

Lindsay works passionately to show others the love and mercy of Jesus Christ through her music and life changing testimony. Her desire is to reach people with the saving knowledge of her Lord. Her songs touch on real-life issues that people struggle with on a daily basis and her lyrics really cut to the heart.

"I just really want people to realize that God loves them just the way they are and that His love is enough to carry them through any trial they might face."

Along with her debut album, Lindsay has also started a ministry called "Break Free Music Ministry". Break Free Music Ministry was born when Lindsay wrote the title track to her album, "Break Free". The ministry focuses on 13 to 30 year-old girls and through her testimony, bible teaching and worship Lindsay helps them to focus on how they can break free from their sins and cling to Christ. This is normally done in a retreat type setting but can also be done in an intense evening study.

Lindsay touches on issues that plague our young women in today's society such as self-worth, body-image, sexual temptation, suicide/self-harm and fear/doubt. Her laid back approach allows the girls to feel comfortable enough to open up and ask questions. Steps to healing, for many girls, has come out of these "Break Free" sessions. If your youth group or young adult group is interested in hosting a "Break Free" retreat or intensive evening study please contact our booking department at for more information.

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